Vintage Baby Photo Album

A customer and I were enjoying this photo album I found at the flea market. We both were admiring the sweet vintage pics this album had to offer. Made in Norwalk, CT in 1956. It's condition is perfect, no one ever used it. The customer needed to purchase a gift for someone who had registered at Babies R US. We looked at her registry to give us clues about her style. She decided to forgo the album. But she hoped it would be around if and when one day her  daughter in law has a baby girl. How sweet it is...

See you...


Vintage Planters

I have always collected vintage planters from the 1940-1960's. Way back when, they were given as baby gifts and I assume they had plants in them.   I used them to decorate my kids' nursery.  I use them for their toothbrushes. I use them to store pencils. I have one in my bathroom. Here is the elephant in my bathroom...

At the shop we have a planter on the counter that we use to hold pens. I used it when the kids were babies  to store A & D ointment and thermometers. It has such sentimental value. I won't sell it...

The planter that holds the business cards sold recently. A new holder is in place...

We have put together some great little gift planters using some of  the vintage planters. They come with a minky soft rattle and a handmade baby comb from Switzerland. They will be going on our ecommerce website that will soon be up and running.  Hurrah!

See you...


The Boy and the Very Elegant Gentleman

There is a boy who comes into the shop with his mom. He is around 8 years old. Every time he comes in he asks his mom to buy him this vintage print that sits in front of the signature Scalamandre wallpaper.    I told her she has brought him up very exposed to art. Well, his dad is a consultant to Sotheby's and Christie's. Sigh... I wonder what art he will have on his wall. See you...


Print from my mom

Ok I won't even go into my vacation or lack there of, but everyone is healthy, safe and sound. That is truly the most important. During my time off, my mom had gone to an auction and  purchased this 1920's French print  for Cici Crib. Exactly a year ago, she received a liver transplant. It has been a long road, but she is finally getting back to doing the things she loves. It's a  miracle, and I had an extra big smile when I received the pic.

See you...


Diamond Mirrors

I just couldn't resist these vintage diamond shaped mirrors at the flea market. How great would they look over  nightstands in a very chic girl's bedroom. Their design is so clean. A very fine beveled edge makes them even more refined.

Diamond shapes are everywhere. Great David Hicks fabric..

The diamond mirror would look just perfect  above the this very fancy half circle..

See you...


Traditional with a Flair

I have been working with a lovely  client who subtly shows her refined Texas roots and her flair as a jewelry designer.  We have been working on her daughter's room. The design is a bit in the transitional phase. The toddler is quickly moving into the world of a big  girl. We planned for a future bed, nightstand and desk. For now it works for her age. She loves to sit and  read with  her mom on the double glider. She loves her crib. And she loves her dollhouse. We wanted a timeless design that the little girl could grow with. The carpet is a delicate pink and green lattice by Schumacher.

There was much discussion about the window treatments.  The client wanted very soft formal treatments. We exactly translated her wish.  I so love the chandelier that was chosen. When she saw the electrican putting toThe client had to take out her jewelry making tools to put it together. It is perfect.

For the window treatments, we decided on a  Hinson & Co. fabric and splurged a bit on the Schumacher trim.

We did a fairly large bulletin board that will eventually hang  over a desk.

I love the pushpins the client found. Made from vintage earrings...

The bookshelf was custom Newport Cottages.  The metal fairies  that flank the venetian mirror are vintage. I am not sure where the fairies came from. Maybe they were a part of a weather vane.  I purchased them from an antique mall in Ohio.  It is the unexpected element in the room.

On the bookshelf are crystal lamps from the '50s. We purchased the vanity tray on ebay. It reminded the client of her grandmother. The vintage  porcelain southern bell is actually a music box.

For now it is room for a little girl. I will take more pics of this room as it evolves into a room for a big girl.

See you..


Children and Animals

Just browsing through some of my vintage children's books, I came across a lovely book, Children and Animals.  From the School of Emmy Zweybruck, copy written 1935. It seems this book was originally printed in Austria. These pictures are so stencil like and stylized. You can really decorate a kids bedroom or baby's nursery  nicely with these pictures. How great they would be  as art.

I just love them.

See you...


Monkeys everywhere

I sold my vintage sock monkey in the store last week. A bit sad about it. I will miss him.  Another customer picked up her bumper made with this great monkey fabric..

Monkeys are such a popular inspiration for decorating a baby's nursery or a child's room.

Vintage sock monkeys makes their appearance...

New Arrivals bedding and accessories....

Monkeys used in wall stickers...

More  mod monkeys...

Look how Tobi Fairley decorated for her daughter's playroom. Tis the season...

Happy Holidays! See you...


An Elegant Thanksgiving

As soon as Thanksgiving ends, it's time to prepare for the holidays. But I just want to take a moment and remember the wonderful Thanksgiving we had at my sister's house.  We spent the entire Thanksgiving day cooking and getting the table in order.  My sister is a collector. She is a serious silver collector. When she moved to Pittsburgh and renovated her home, she made sure she created a pantry just for her china and silver. Shelves for the various wares and a stainless steel tool caddy for her silver collection.

Each drawer of the caddy is labeled with the items so for easy access.

The antique linen table cloth was chosen for it's beautiful monogram.

My sister picked the season's last  roses from her garden and filled a 19th century petite planter.

The table was ready for a late afternoon meal.

My mom and dad came over. My mom brought us gifts. When my mom gives a gift,  you know it will be special.  No mail order fruit or socks. It is always completely thoughtful. She wrapped it in an antique linen towel and tied it with bakery string.

Mine was the smaller one. It was just beautiful. A bracelet from  the 1870's, made of rose gold.

So very special. See you... Christina

Final day at the flea market

It was the end of a very busy weekend due to our jewelry show. Overall, pretty disappointing.  Lots to learn on doing trunk shows... I came home from work last night to find my son James and his friend  pleading to go to the Sunday market. Teenage boys willing to get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping ??  How could I say no.

This morning we started out in the freezing cold, on a day I didn't expect to find much. Season has ended and dealers are just getting rid of stuff. Who could believe it would be such a fantastic day. Once at home, we got to rake over our treasures. The boys purchased binoculars, a very special coin and an army mask from desert storm.  Not exactly Cici Crib merchandise, but it made them happy.

I so love the vintage table I purchased. Thanks Miles for schlepping it to the car.  I will eventually have the base painted.  James' friend asked me what color will the table be. Maybe hot pink, I said. He burst out laughing.  James added, my mom is a girly girl. Ok, maybe I am...

But how nice is this table in a little girls room with one of Cici Crib's mid century inspired modern lamps on it.

Everyone loved this sled, definitely made in the 1960's, when space exploration was all the rage. Space Rocket XS-17 Orbit Control.

Loved the graphics on the wooden base.  A great piece of wall art. So I did, what you are not supposed to do to a collectible. I took it apart.  All the extra parts will be saved. How fantastic would this look in a play room or boys bedroom wall...

A vanity tray and container for a very fancy little girl..

And this lamp, I just couldn't let go. An architectural melange of styles. Never the less, it is a great castle. It is ceramic with a wooden base and top. Took forever to clean up, but now looks perfect.  I could see Jonathan Adler getting inspired over it. It could go either in a boy or girls room..

I want to line this peach crate with burlap and use it for display purposes.

Loved these kitschy girl pictures. Their hair is made out of yarn.  They made me smile. Something so charming about them..

A weekend that started out a touch disappointing, ended on a very light note.

See you..


Toys from the Old Salem Museums and Gardens

So sad to see a closing of a museum. Significant toy collections from the  the Old Salem Museums and Gardens in Winston-Salem, NC  will be up for auction in the coming weeks.  Two auction houses  will clear out the most unbelievable inventory.  Northeast Auctions in Portsmouth will hold  it's  auction on October 30th. On November 19 and 20, Noel Barrett Antiques and Auctions in New Hope,Pa  will hold their event. Most of the toys are 19th century, European.  Just fantastic. How different children played. The toys were meant to last forever...  


 Dollhouse furniture to die for....

 "Toy collecting is the best anti aging medicine, I know" says Noel Barrett, owner of Noel Barrett Antiques and Auctions.

 See you...


Decorate with vintage toys

What is it about vintage toys and games and pictures that  make us smile. Is it their innocence that stands out  in this i-everything world we live in? Does it make us feel warm and cozy? This week, Velvet &Linen, one of my all time favorites, blogged about her  fantastic design project.  Her talented family business, Giannetti Home,  created this most inviting family game room.

The room had strong bones and much potential to start out with.

They gathered  collections the family had accumulated over the years...

And created a room that tells  a beautiful story...

I love these images from a French children's bedroom...


The lamp below was made in NYC in the 60's and 70's..

Vintage blocks are small touches that create nice atmosphere.

Love this room by design team Lila & Tom from Design Sponge:

Vintage games are quite inexpensive and can make a nice statement.

What a sweet shelf. I gave my sister in law a baby present, similar to the See Saw toy below. It was long before Cici Crib was born.  I thinks she puts it out for Christmas every year..

See you..


Rocket ships at the flea market

Soon the flea market days will be coming to an end  in the northeast. I used to be able to stick it out until November. Guess I am getting old, but by November, it is just too cold for early mornings at the market. So I took advantage of the warm morning and headed to the field with my younger son, James. He found the coin dealer he was looking for and I found some really cool amusement park cast offs? Yep. It was a strange market.  Not that I purchased any of them, but they were just too cool to not notice.

An aluminum horse  that escaped from some cruel carousel....

Silly animals...

And the piece de resistance was a rocket ship that really lights up!  How cool would this be  hanging from the ceiling in a loft playroom or kids bedroom. Perfect for the Novogratz family!  I was really tempted to purchase it. But I could hear my husband, loud and clear, complaining about storage issues. So I took the dealer's card.  Maybe one day I can find a home for it.

Another fun morning at the market with my flea market buddy, James.

See you..


Leryn's Nursery

I would say one of the nicest parts of my job is meeting some really good people.  I remember the first time Bari  made her way into Cici Crib. Her smile filled her entire face as she talked about the upcoming birth of her daughter, Leryn.  We discussed many details of the nursery.  After months of planning and waiting, the moment finally came. Leryn arrived in early July.  It' s so nice to see good things happening to good people. Bari wanted the nursery to have a bit of a bohemian feel. Very soft and relaxed.  Perfect for baby. The bedding completely inspired her. It is by Elizabeth Allen.

A petite chandelier was needed in this cozy little nook.

Storage bins from Macbeth were purchased from Bari's registry at Cici Crib.

The artwork is from Oopsy Daisy.

Birdies and butterflies are delicately painted  through out  the room  The inspiration was taken from the bedding, as well as the artwork.

A lovely nightlight fits right in.

And, of coarse, a vintage pin caddy that came from Bari's nursery when she was a baby.

Thanks Bari for sharing your daughter's lovely space.

See you..


Welcome back

Everyone is returning from their various summer journeys. It's time the kids get back to school.  I am back from Pittsburgh for a bit.  So far, everything is going very well with my mom and sister. They are getting stronger every day. My mom has a new future. It is just amazing what the doctors can do.  I am so thankful! The huge weight that lies on my shoulders is beginning to lift.  Life is ok right now... Tina and Beth  have been  great  caretakers of  the little shop.  I am thankful for them too!

We put together a new window display celebrating the return of school. I picked up these cheap vinyl floor tiles from Home Depot to cover the base of the display.

I recently purchased this giant abacus from an auction that was selling items from a schoolhouse from the turn of the century. It is enormous. It would be fabulous in a great playroom or bedroom that needs to fill space because of high ceilings. It would look great on top of a bookshelf. A piece of sculpture.

Bookends came into the shop in late August. The vintage globe also makes a nice addition to the window.

Another set of new bookends...

So we put it all together  along with some other items and made a welcoming display.

See you...


The kids are home!

The boys came home from camp with piles of dirty, stinky laundry and stories. Oh boy  the stories. Justin, my oldest says camp was soul revealing.  There is always something so calm and zen about him. Fiery James, says no way.  He goes on to tell me he received a formal behavioral warning for climbing on the roof of the dorm and pouring a bucket of water on a counselor. It was an act of retaliation for a super soaker incident that happened 4 years ago when the counselor was a camper. My  2 boys are polar opposites. The house was tidy and neat when they were gone . Now it is back to normal. The kitchen counter is full with ipods and books and hats and sunglasses. Sneakers and jackets all over. Messy again. All of sudden I was reminded of the few vintage items I found at the flea market recently. A sweet little doll,  from the 1940's and a 1950's picture created by Johnson and Johnson "dedicated to mothers and fathers of America."

Ok so the poem is a bit corny, but how the house so changes when the children are around.

So there are no more diapers, but loads of t-shirts and shorts.  Baby cereal is replaced with Lucky Charms. Beautiful cribs are replaced with messy beds. The red faced cherub is now a teenager sleeping until noon. But the feeling of having them home is the same,  joy  and heartwarming. My oldest will begin his junior year of high school this fall.  Time at home is fleeting . Enjoy every moment...

See you...


Soccer Decorating

Bummer the US lost. But that has not stopped the kids love for soccer. I came across this great boys bedroom designed by Kate Hume. How fantastic  is this...

I love those light fixtures. What about this one..

Decorating with soccer in mind can just be a matter of touches.  To create nice bedding we could make a eurosham  with soccer fabric and denim piping.

This is fabric is of nice quality..

Mix it with a denim quilt and  shams...

Use a simple white sheet set or mix it up with  a Serena and Lily sheet set to say GO USA...

There is plenty of artwork available that focuses on soccer..

Maybe a distressed hand painted picture will do...

Use a vintage poster...

We can't forget the girls...

See you...


Visit to Old Hollywood

I am in the city again to take the kids to fencing.  I  have about 2  hours to kill. Sometimes I pick up merchandise at vendors. Sometimes I have to shop for clients and sometimes, it is just time to blow off before pickup. Those days I get to check out the new shops. Limelight Marketplace opened recently.

A mini mall of pop up shops. Actually,  it is more like a tasting menu of shops. Each one is a small version of a main shop found elsewhere in the city.  One of the most interesting shops is Old Hollywood.  First you have to find it. It takes turns and steps and little passage ways to get to. It is a jewelry shop focusing on indie designer collections.  Their jewelry has such attitude and great vintage feel.

It looks like you walked into a 1930's prop department.  Wow  I love it.  I know it  can border on creepy, but so inspiring.

Just another afternoon in the city.

See you.


Blabla Dolls Make Great Gifts

A new shipment from Blabla came into Cici Crib this week. The dolls are just adorable. They make great first birthday presents. Moms even put them on their baby registries. They are knitted from soft  cotton by Peruvian artisans. Blablas are more than just a stuffed animal. They have character. I think that's why kids really do love them.

The new comers this Spring  are Hercule and Josaphine the Elephant.

They will join their friends Bandit the raccoon and Rosalie the pig

The original sock monkey was the inspiration for the Bla bla dolls.  An old fellow  gets a special place at the shop.

See you.


Vintage Football helmets

Last week ended with a rainy sidewalk sale.  The rain kind of  described the week at Cici Crib. I wanted a relaxing Mother's Day. James wanted to head to the flea market. We haven't gone in a couple of weeks, so I agreed. It was a short sweet trip. It was not crowded.  There were some dealers coming from the south making a  quick stop on their way to Brimfiield. One day I will go to Brimfiield, an enormous antique fair in Massachusetts . It takes days to get through it.

One dealer was selling early 20th century football helmets. Fantastic collection. The helmets seemed so tiny. He told me most of them were college helmets, but some were for children.

Back then, protection had a different meaning. Everything today is so amped up. From the training to the equipment. I have yet to find any early photos of little kids teams. I think,back then, little kids perfected their crafts out in the field. No coaches. No photographers.  I love looking at old sports photos. Of course there are only guys in the pictures. No girls softball or basketball or soccer.  I purchased these collages of pictures. I believe these photos once hung in the halls  of Columbus School in Bridgeport, CT. The guys look so casual, like the picture was snapped after playing a hard won game.  As I was taking photos of this collage, Justin pointed out that it was put together during the Depression. Wow that adds a whole other element.  Once these collages are framed, they would be great in a play room or  or boy's bedroom.

Well I couldn't leave the market without another trophy. Makes you smile!

See you.