An Elegant Thanksgiving

As soon as Thanksgiving ends, it's time to prepare for the holidays. But I just want to take a moment and remember the wonderful Thanksgiving we had at my sister's house.  We spent the entire Thanksgiving day cooking and getting the table in order.  My sister is a collector. She is a serious silver collector. When she moved to Pittsburgh and renovated her home, she made sure she created a pantry just for her china and silver. Shelves for the various wares and a stainless steel tool caddy for her silver collection.

Each drawer of the caddy is labeled with the items so for easy access.

The antique linen table cloth was chosen for it's beautiful monogram.

My sister picked the season's last  roses from her garden and filled a 19th century petite planter.

The table was ready for a late afternoon meal.

My mom and dad came over. My mom brought us gifts. When my mom gives a gift,  you know it will be special.  No mail order fruit or socks. It is always completely thoughtful. She wrapped it in an antique linen towel and tied it with bakery string.

Mine was the smaller one. It was just beautiful. A bracelet from  the 1870's, made of rose gold.

So very special. See you... Christina