Shopping for Baby's Nursery in London

Going to Europe with two teenage boys, leaves little time to check out baby decor shops.  I focused on one area in Chelsea and found 3 shops that really had similar sensibilities. They reminded me a little of the Cici Crib that I first opened.  Focused on baby, sweet, soft and very child like in a good way. Much of my shop changes with people's tastes and needs. Longevity, budget and contemporary tastes have changed our vision of a nursery. I like the change, but when I visit these shops there is a very comfortable feeling that reminds me of my childhood. The first shop I visited was Blue Almonds.

I loved the entrance floor mat. Maybe I should do something like this at Cici Crib.

Notice how the bumpers go half way around the crib.

They had many products from a Spanish Co. called Pasito a Pasito. Unfortunately, they don't import to the US.

A shop almost next door was called Nursery Window. It has been opened for 15 years. They carry signature prints for both clothing and decorating. In recent years, the baby clothing segment has shown the most growth.

Notice the slip covered counter.

The last shop I visited was right down the street, called Dragons of Walton Street. Their specialty is hand painted furniture and accessories for both baby's nursery as well as children's rooms.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of a fantastic dollhouse in the shop...

See you...


Trip to Saratoga ny

Last week we visited Saratoga Springs, NY for my son's crewing regatta, as well as a visit with family. You can see why Travel and Leisure magazine  calls Saratoga one of America's greatest main streets. It is just beautiful and filled with interesting small business boutiques.

One very inspiring shop was the Saratoga Turkish Bazaar. It is filled with color and style.

These slightly sparkly light fixtures would add ambiance to a Bohemian baby's nursery. They are a great alternative to the much used chandelier.

Use the lights as inspiration and build the room. Elizabeth Allen crib bedding works perfectly and is just beautiful.

A great Moroccan pouf for baby.

We could add a little more contemporary furniture, that still has more eastern design elements..

All products can be found at Cici Crib Main Street store. Find your design inspiration and build on it!

See you..


Art created from children's shoes

At the intersection of Main Street and Maple Ave, in Armonk,  is an incredible frame shop,Framings. Every work day, I stop at the intersection before turning into the parking lot for Cici Crib. Yesterday, I couldn't keep my eyes off of a large piece that was in her shop window. Cars behind me honked. So I quickly turned and parked and marched right over to Judy and Carter's jewel of a shop.  Not only are they some of the nicest people I have met, but also some of the most talented.

Judy told me she completed this project  for a designer. The designer had saved all her daughter's shoes and Judy created this long shadowbox. I think it is about 12 feet long. I can imagine it will be hung in a bedroom,playroom, really anywhere..

It is so sweet. It really tells a story from the parent's excitement of having a baby girl to her first walking shoe, a ballet slipper, a trip to Disney World  to a the last shoe, that perhaps the little girl picked out. A black rugged hiking shoe.

I hope the Mom keeps the shadowbox. Fast forward 25 years.. Wouldn't it be nice to see in her granddaughter's nursery.....

See you..


Conran Shop At ABC Carpet

I was in the sort of new  Conran shop in the basement of ABC Carpet the other day.  The sign on the landing is the first notice of the shop that lies below. I guess we shop owners are all the same in our goal of making a customer's visit a personal experience.

The merchandise is surely well edited and really fresh.

A ping pong table with a chalkboard surface..

So I found my 2 favorite items. Love the robot...

What about these bird pendants for a nursery..

So cool.

See you...


Weekend on the south fork of Long Island

This past weekend Miles and I  decided to do a last minute getaway. It was the last weekend before the kids came home from camp.   In order to maximize the down time and minimize the hassle, we decided we wanted to stay close by, but we wanted to be on the Atlantic Ocean. Not many choices fitting  that criteria. We decided on the Panoramic View in Montauk. Although the place was "renovated" , it seemed so tired.  It didn't take long to really appreciate this hotel. Clearly it had been around since the 1960's. For the time being there are no spas or fancy restaurants. The main attraction is the ocean. It is the last sound you hear when you close your eyes at night and it is the first sound you hear when you wake up. A Canadian high settled over us for the weekend, creating the coolest of mornings, the driest of days and the most spectacular sunsets. The beach was quiet, private and beautiful.

Other  favorite moments were the bike rides around Amaghansett's Napeague Harbor.

The fish tacos and the fruity Rosé at the Fishbar in Montauk. Who knew the lovely chef was just on Food Network's Chopped.

The wine was so nice  that we picked up a case at the Wolffer Estate vineyard on the way home.

We stopped for lunch in Southampton. Checked out some of the shops. Loved Hatchlings for children's clothes.  I liked the embroidery at The Elegant Setting.

The Ralph Lauren Home shop with it's side entrance,  felt like it was in a tiny carriage house. A memorable little shop...

We're home now  and I still can't forget those sunsets...

See you...


Visit to Old Hollywood

I am in the city again to take the kids to fencing.  I  have about 2  hours to kill. Sometimes I pick up merchandise at vendors. Sometimes I have to shop for clients and sometimes, it is just time to blow off before pickup. Those days I get to check out the new shops. Limelight Marketplace opened recently.

A mini mall of pop up shops. Actually,  it is more like a tasting menu of shops. Each one is a small version of a main shop found elsewhere in the city.  One of the most interesting shops is Old Hollywood.  First you have to find it. It takes turns and steps and little passage ways to get to. It is a jewelry shop focusing on indie designer collections.  Their jewelry has such attitude and great vintage feel.

It looks like you walked into a 1930's prop department.  Wow  I love it.  I know it  can border on creepy, but so inspiring.

Just another afternoon in the city.

See you.