Happy Holidays!

Christmas is almost here. Even though the boys are teenagers, they are still counting down the days! I wanted to do a video holiday card for my blog, but it just got too complicated. I wanted to play this music box as the top whirls around. I purchased the music box from an Armonk estate sale many years ago. It is so worn and loved.

Every year I look forward to my sister's present. Although I love the contents (we get the same gift every year- very special homemade soaps. My favorite is lavender,bergamot and lemon), it is her special wrapping that is just so beautiful. I love the vintage card.

Happy Holidays everyone!

See you...


Christmas time

This time of year creates some of the nicest light. It's not just the  beauty of the artificial lights, I mean the  low sun light in the sky. The long shadows and red sky that are on display this time of year is magical. Our very good friend from Luxembourg told us once that the sky is red because the angels are baking. Love that! Last year We had some of Miles' family over for Christmas.   I wanted to eat around dusk in our sun room.  So we all piled in. I removed the chandelier over the table so we could fit a prancing reindeer as our centerpiece.

My flower arrangements are always quite simple. The tin containers are French gardening pots, the salt cellar is 19th century American and the pepper grinder is antique Christofle.

I lined the sideboard with old linen feed sacks and out came my collection of antique American sterling..

We put the Christmas tree in the sun room as well. The ornaments have such memories attached to them.

When the kids were really little, I went to a very special estate sale. I remember driving through windy roads and reservoirs to get to this small home under huge pine trees near a pond. The house was owned by set designers, who worked on Broadway in the 1930's. As  you entered the front door , the staircase greeted you in a happy turquoise. The couple created an enormous dollhouse out of one of the bedrooms. I purchased only a few items from that magical house...

My favorite items are these boxes made out of cigar boxes. I have no idea what they were used for. They really are a fine example of folk art. I put them in a sled and they sit near our tree...

It was the first time I visited the little town where the magical couple lived. It's name is Armonk, NY.  Now the home of Cici Crib!

Merry Christmas.

See you...