Lovee Fest at Cici Crib Helps The Pinwheel Project

We kick off our holiday season on December 1st with a special fundraiser for little ones. Over the years, I have noticed children coming in to Cici Crib carrying their  favorite toy.  Their most treasured possession is at times stained, torn, shredded, and completely loved. During the month of December, come visit Cici Crib with lovee in hand and we will give you a framed photo  of it. All for a $10 donation to a very important local charity, The Pinwheel Project. The Pinwheel Project assists  hospitalized children and their families during their grueling  stays in local hospitals.


Please support The Pinwheel Project. Hope to see you!




Winding down work at the shop as Thanksgiving approaches. So love this holiday!

Heading to Pittsburgh to see family. A great town this time of year. The shop will be open on Saturday.  We would love to see you, your business is so important to us. Shop small!

Have a safe and warm Thanksgiving!

See you...




How to Buy a Baby Gift

It can be really hard to buy a meaningful baby gift for someone you don't really know. My customers come to my shop looking for a special gift.  The first thing I always ask a customer buying a baby gift- Do you know what the nursery looks like? Most do not know what the nursery looks like.  Where do we go from there?  Although my customers do not want to buy from the standard online baby registries from the big box baby stores, I suggest we take a look at what the mom registered for. These baby registries give many clues in terms of simplicity, colors, and style  of the nursery. Do they like shabby chic? Are they more modern or traditional? Lots can be learned from looking at their list of essentials  on big box registries. Sometimes there  are no baby registries, the only item the customer has is a baby's announcement.  Baby announcements say a lot about the aesthetic of the new parents.

Almost 19 years ago, my sweet boy Justin was born. Wow!  My baby announcement was very simple. White and gray and meaningful words from a Springsteen song.


What can you tell from this announcement?  Well keep it simple for sure.  But also maybe a bit funky.

I would have loved this stroller blanket from Cici Crib's online shop.


Or maybe this elephant bookend..


Or this cool clock made from bicycle parts...


Or go out on a limb and get this vintage aluminum diver helmet container, that could be used to great store little toys...

So don't be afraid or nervous about buying the perfect baby gift if you have never seen the nursery, there are lots of clues to help you pick a fantastic gift!

See you..



It's Time for Your Lovee.

Hurricane Sandy has literally taken the ground  out from under us. It can be a scary time.  Sometimes we all wish we had a lovee. A sweet something that makes us feel safe and warm. I started taking pictures of children's lovees that visited  the shop. The smudges, the bandaid,  the tattered edges reflect the complete love the owners give them.


When I ask to take a picture of the lovee, some little owners are very protective.

I took this pic right before the hurricane. I am sure the bear lovee offered alot of warmth and comfort to this very  little owner.

Stay safe and be well..

See you...




Dwell Studio at Cici Crib

It's always exciting to bring in new products into the shop. I love vintage. I love modern.  So bringing in some new items that will make a baby's nursery special  gives us a nice little boost of joy.  We recently brought in Dwell Studio for their clean modern sense of design and quality construction. I love this little orange bus bookshelf. Click on item- to purchase  in Cici Crib's  online shop.

Picture frames can make great baby gifts!

Another great selling toy from Dwell Studio is their soft blocks.

From flowers to city skylines, I love their baby blankets and bibs.


I will be heading out this weekend to check out all that's new in the design world down in Highpoint, NC. So look forward to seeing more decor in the shop as well..

See you..


Autumn at Cici Crib

We are moving things out to make way for all the new items coming into Cici Crib. We have been furiously rearranging the shop. Lots of work and lots of fun! So if you are around stop in for our sale that is going on now!

Lot's of new items are trickling in. Great blankets made in the USA from a local company called In2green! All are recycled cotton, great modern look and perfect size for babies and children. A sampling..

See you...


Our Online Shop is Open!

This is a big day  for  Cici Crib. We  opened our online shop! The online shop has many gifts that are available at our Main Street  location. We are adding more items every week. Vintage items will have a bigger presence on line!  Custom items will be added  as soon as our system will allow it. I didn't realize how complicated the ecommerce process is.  I hope you check it out!

Vintage Baby Photo Album

A customer and I were enjoying this photo album I found at the flea market. We both were admiring the sweet vintage pics this album had to offer. Made in Norwalk, CT in 1956. It's condition is perfect, no one ever used it. The customer needed to purchase a gift for someone who had registered at Babies R US. We looked at her registry to give us clues about her style. She decided to forgo the album. But she hoped it would be around if and when one day her  daughter in law has a baby girl. How sweet it is...

See you...


Baby Gifts at the New York International Gift Fair

I went shopping last weekend for new gifts for the shop. I came upon the O.R.E. booth and gave it a good pause. Always had their products in the back of my mind, today I decided to try some. I like small companies. I like to get to know owners. Tim Chauran and his wife Lisa Lowe are the team behind O.R.E. Tim told me that his wife is the designer. The inspiration for the products come from everywhere. Home, their son, their bull terrier. Strong graphic and product design make their products special. Their company started in their garage in Long Beach, CA. Tim was dressed very stylishly.

From their booth I meandered towards the section devoted to Japanese vendors. I found some little wash cloths with sayings that reminded me Haruki Murakami. I read the book, The wind-up Bird Chronicle last year. I love  the original humor. Not only are the washcloths made nicely, their sayings could spur much discussion at bath time...

I ended the day at the booth that sold art. A small company out of Georgia, they make the sweetest pieces that would fit perfectly in a baby's nursery. The frames are made out of reclaimed wood.

See you...


Vintage Planters

I have always collected vintage planters from the 1940-1960's. Way back when, they were given as baby gifts and I assume they had plants in them.   I used them to decorate my kids' nursery.  I use them for their toothbrushes. I use them to store pencils. I have one in my bathroom. Here is the elephant in my bathroom...

At the shop we have a planter on the counter that we use to hold pens. I used it when the kids were babies  to store A & D ointment and thermometers. It has such sentimental value. I won't sell it...

The planter that holds the business cards sold recently. A new holder is in place...

We have put together some great little gift planters using some of  the vintage planters. They come with a minky soft rattle and a handmade baby comb from Switzerland. They will be going on our ecommerce website that will soon be up and running.  Hurrah!

See you...


Cici Crib Trunk Show Dec. 9th and 10th

It's our second annual trunk show at Cici Crib!

We decided to mix things up alittle this year. We have been gathering together unusual holiday gifts for boys and girls. There will be cool excavating kits and dinosaurs for budding paleontologists. We are also bringing in the beautiful  fine jewelry from the talented European company Briati. From slap watches to leather bracelets to feathers , totally cool accessories will be displayed.

Enjoy the season with some holiday refreshments at Cici Crib.

Hope to see you!


Elephants are Marching in!

So much elephant merchandise is flowing into Cici Crib this fall. Our store window is filled with elephants. Smart and steady. From gifts to decor, what's not to love... New Jellycat elephant...

Chic Jonathan Adler clock for the wall

Babar books always make good gifts...

Our most popular bookend..

Hooded towels,burps and bibs, perfect for baby, from a company that makes it's products in Texas.

Large wooden elephant for the wall...

Can't forget the vintage. The vintage toys add a unique decorating touch..

And my absolute favorite is this little vintage wool rug, how great it  would be  in a nursery...

See you...


Water time

Whether you are heading to the beach,lake or your club, these stylish bags  will organize your children's stuff. Made of canvas, but not too heavy.  A great gift that can be personalized. A favorite for the baby gift registry.  We love our club bags!

A waterproof bag for all the little stuff that can get wet ..

Happy fourth of July!

See you...


The beauty of Sferra

It's  all about beautiful old world luxury.  I love  Sferra linens.  Opened in 1891, in Venice, Italy, Sferra has always been known for their quality and elegant design.  Kelly Wearstler livens up their traditional design, but always in keeping with their tradition.

Maybe one day she will do baby  bedding.

In the shop this week came the Sferra order. Great classics. Hand embroidered quilts from Italy.

Super soft cotton flannel crib blankets..

And of course the cashmere bambino blanket...

I even love the tag on the cashmere blanket.

With another snowfall last night, we still need these warm blankets!

See you...