Highpoint Fall 2012 Children's Rooms Decorating Inspiration

Lots of decorating ideas for boys and girls rooms down in Highpoint. Most of my vendors aren't necessarily focused on children. It doesn't really matter as long as the design is cool and the furniture is relatively sturdy. For a very little boy who is a little gentleman, this dresser is lacqured and lined with linen. The knobs are a play on the US coat of arms.

Simple, modern bookshelf that is actually well made and not Ikea. Great kids storage.

Always interesting art for kids rooms. Love these vintage photos for a boy's bedroom..



Hand painted animals done on book covers. Nice art for baby's nursery.


Great fashion photos for an Audrey Hepburn inspired tween bedroom. They come in  really large sizes as well.





Accessories that would fit with the art. Love this reasonably priced mirror for a girl's bedroom

Industrial looking mirror..

Lots of lamps..


This lamp is just right for a little girl's room that I am working on now.

Cool vintage baseball lamp.

This lamp will go into a transitional boy's bedroom inspired by everything nautical.

We ended our day at a children's furniture vendor that carried little beds for dolls as well. They made special doll bedding  as part of the display for market. Oh so cute and inviting.

A perfect spot for American Girl to lay her head...


See you...



Baby's Nursery

Baby J was just born last week. Her bedding was ready at the shop for her. Her crib was this great design which will be available at Cici Crib in November.

The walls and glider fabric in Baby J's nursery is a calming gray. The only pop was in the baby's bedding  which was a snappy raspberry pink.

Custom bumper and blanket by Bebe Chic and the  gray square crib sheet is by  Stamattina.

Pink and gray is such truly a pleasing combination. I was checking out Pinterest this morning and found many inspirational pics.  You can get lost in Pinterest...

See you...

Beach Baby

We are finishing  a baby's  nursery inspired by beach cabanas! Oh Summer is leaving us!

The room is very light and airy. We chose  window treatments that were very similar to these.

We used this  fresh  Newport Cottages crib. The fabric panels on either side of the crib can be covered in any fabric of our choice and are completely removable for reupholstery.

We chose this striped fabric for the panels in the crib.

We chose this bookshelf from Newport. It was painted white on the outside. The inside back wall was painted aqua.

A nice accessory for the bookshelf would be this cute frame from Cici Crib .

For the bedding we did a cute crib skirt, fitted sheet and toddler blanket. The skirt is a seersucker orange with a fine wale cordoroy border.The fitted sheet is an aqua dot. Instead of a bumper we accessorized with a toddler blanket has the same outer fabric as the skirt,  but lined with super soft minky.  All custom made by Bebe Chic.

This area rug would look nice.

I would love  to finish off the nursery with this piece of art. Framed in weathered driftwood, it is just perfect.

Happy Summer!

Oh just a note that Wee Westchester did  a great little post about us on their very cool blog. Thanks Wee Westchester!

See you...


Baby Gifts and Children's Decor at the NYIGF Summer 2012

My go to place to shop for baby gifts and decor is the New York International Gift Fair.  The summer fair is far more laid back. New products are less common, as vendors are  gearing up for 2013 launches. As I become more of a veteran to this show, vendors will ask my opinion on new products they want to launch for the upcoming year. It's always a lively discussion. From fashion trends to industry practices, nursery decor changes constantly. I was a definite go on this new 2013  artwork..

Color is always big at the show..

Great chevron chair for a girl's bedroom!

Some more art that will be coming into the shop in the coming weeks.

I purchased this piece because it reminds me of a client whose nursery we are working on in NYC.

I loved this little piece as well..

I love the booth of Kevin Obrien. His throws and pillows are so luxurious and  special. From the remnants, he hand makes these special stuffed animals.

A visit with very busy mice..

Italian storage!

My day ended sitting on these tree stumps. Made in Italy, each are crocheted. Very comfortable. Could be a great footstool or ottoman in a baby's nursery. Yes they will be coming into Cici Crib!

See you..


Girls Style- British Style

London is the center of attention right now!  Queens Jubilee, the Olympics and the Doherty trip celebrating our son's graduation. We made our plans to go to London  during one of those really dark days in February. I never really thought about London in the context of the Summer events. Wow, now I realize how sparkling it will be at the beginning of July. British style is all the rage! London is the" it" city. This week I started working on a little girl's bedroom,  that will celebrate one of England's finest  home decor exports, wallpaper. We will use this English wallpaper below with the pretty pink flowers. Interestingly, we would like to mix in some contemporary pieces which I think would look great with this paper.

I love how the British mix their patterns and use wallpaper as a staple in rooms.

Designers Guild is always over the top with layering of patterns from ceiling to floor.

Betsy Johnson from Elle Decor UK.

Other British bedrooms...

Celebrate British Style!

See you,


Trip to Saratoga ny

Last week we visited Saratoga Springs, NY for my son's crewing regatta, as well as a visit with family. You can see why Travel and Leisure magazine  calls Saratoga one of America's greatest main streets. It is just beautiful and filled with interesting small business boutiques.

One very inspiring shop was the Saratoga Turkish Bazaar. It is filled with color and style.

These slightly sparkly light fixtures would add ambiance to a Bohemian baby's nursery. They are a great alternative to the much used chandelier.

Use the lights as inspiration and build the room. Elizabeth Allen crib bedding works perfectly and is just beautiful.

A great Moroccan pouf for baby.

We could add a little more contemporary furniture, that still has more eastern design elements..

All products can be found at Cici Crib Main Street store. Find your design inspiration and build on it!

See you..


Cool Vintage for Kids Rooms

Strolling in NYC the other day, a very ordinary storefront lead us to a manly man jewel box of antiques.  Mantiques Modern is filled with the most intriguing oddities.  There were some really cool pieces that you could use to decorate your kids rooms..

I believe this head came from a playground merry-go-round. I had a very similar piece in my shop that sold to a couple in San Francisco for their baby's nursery.

So many interesting things...

Cool T-Rex model  for the dinosaur inspired children's rooms...

Dinosaur for baby scientist

Race cars frozen in a lucite cube..

What a great Robot lamp!

I've always collected oddities. Yes I practice what I preach! My older son loved T-Rex. A huge head still is on his wall.

My younger guy loved this hammerhead I found at a flea market, so he has it above his display case. It sits between old prints of mushrooms. He always loved to go mushroom hunting.

Sealife for a boys bedroom

I think kids get inspired by what's around them. So put some interesting items on a shelf or on the wall, it may have a lasting impression. Some of the great vintage pieces in our shop-

Diver Helmet Container

Real leather tiny cowboy boot

Original Train Print

train railroad decoration

See you... Christina

Cowhide Monogrammed Pillows

These beautiful pillows are custom made for Cici Crib in the most beautiful hand dyed cowhide. It is an heirloom pillow that can work in a luxurious baby's nursery to a super chic tween  bedroom. Or a nice splurge for a master bedroom or living room.


Our sample for the shop..

See more about them in our online shop at http://www.cicicrib.com/browse.cfm/monogrammed-cow-hide-pillow/4,447.html.

See you,


Quiet Design Touches to a Baby's Room

Quiet lavender was the request from a really nice client for her second daughter's nursery.  She had most of the furniture from her first daughter, but she wanted to make the new baby's nursery special. We focused on the longevity of the decor. She knows how quickly her daughter grows up, so pieces were chosen carefully. We  anchored the space with a really soft carpet and playful wallpaper for over the bead board.

The wallpaper was from Stark and the carpet came from the Sanford Hall showroom in NYC.



The side table will eventually go next to a bed when her daughter grows out of the crib. But for now we needed crib bedding. We chose a sweet set by Annette Tatem.

The lamp is one of a pair that will eventually be placed on the dresser(that  is currently used as a changer). It is a simple vintage crystal  lamp that we had trimmed in the most beautiful lilac linen.

We chose this delightful turn of the century print of girls playing that we framed. It is just so sweet.

A friend purchased a clock from Cici Crib for the room.

My client tells me that people notice the ceiling fixture first, when they enter the room. I hope it brings sweet dreams to the little one....

The window treatments were made from the most beautiful linen from Rogers & Goffigon in Greenwich, CT.

The ties are just perfect.

We also made an embroidered letter pillow from the linen.

Another whimsical picture is waiting to be hung in the room. We would like to put it over the changer, but curious little hands will cause us to move it to a temporary location.

See you..


Large Drum Shades For a Boy's Bedroom

I really like exaggerated ceiling fixtures in small rooms. What a design statement! Why must we always be so careful to make sure everything is perfectly scaled.

These two large  drum shade pendants came into the shop last week. Each shade is anchored in chocolate brown, they will be the finishing decorating touch in two very cool boys rooms.

See you...


Our Online Shop is Open!

This is a big day  for  Cici Crib. We  opened our online shop! The online shop has many gifts that are available at our Main Street  location. We are adding more items every week. Vintage items will have a bigger presence on line!  Custom items will be added  as soon as our system will allow it. I didn't realize how complicated the ecommerce process is.  I hope you check it out!

Visit to Bebe Chic

I got a chance to visit one of my vendors that make so much of our beautiful custom  children's bedding at Cici Crib. Located directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, Bebe Chic is just one of my favorites. Each piece is made locally and with such care and quality. I am always excited to open up the box to see how our vision was translated. Our current look is made by Bebe Chic..

Her very efficient and organized workroom...

Some inspiring classic fabrics ...

Creating very classic bed skirts...

New looks being put together..

Some customers prefer quilts to duvets. An example of their quilting...

I picked a fabric for my new Spring bed...

Can't wait to see how it turns out.

See you... Christina

Go Giants! Celebrate Football!

Most everyone in my house are Giants fans. Oh well, better luck next year for my Steelers.  I'm still trying to get excited because....

Football art at Cici Crib...

Always love my vintage kids football items that we are getting ready to put online..

Football sheet sets are on sale until the end of the month. 280 thread count, pure Egyptian cotton. Really beautiful quality.  Twin: $120 Full$135 and Queen $175.

Go Giants! See you...


Happy Tangerine New Year

Tangerine Tango is the pantone color for 2012! It is bold. A no apologies, fantastic orange...

Ducduc has forever used this color inside all of their casegoods..

Tangerine Tango is sprinkled throughout the shop. Art  for a baby's nursery..

 Custom lamp in the great color...

Love these Euros..

Have a happy and healthy New Year!

See you...


New Art Arrives at Cici Crib

We have received our first order of  a new kind of art that is already getting  rave reviews from our customers. The art has a glowing effect due to it's construction. It is printed on acrylic and is invisibly mounted on the wall. The piece below is 30" long. They also come in different sizes.  Kind of Andy Warhol like, it is a great decorating addition  for a tween's bedroom..

Also great modern artwork for a baby's nursery or child's bedroom..

See you...