New Colors from Ducduc

Ducduc and their sister company, The New Traditionalist,  has revamped their finishes for their children's line of furniture. Once a custom request, now a standard option,  colorful finishes are offered on their cribs, changers and children's bedroom furniture. The range of choices makes decorating a baby's nursery or a child's bedroom a colorful experience! I visited the showroom in NYC to check out their new offerings..

A sneak peak at the new catalog..

A great twist on a traditional changer/dresser...

Modern cribs get more color..

A simple kids desk..

Love this transitional crib...

More color for a baby's changer...

See you...


Boys Style British Style

Drizzle, cloudy and damp. This is what we are expecting for our upcoming trip to the UK. Cozy boys bedrooms in Tudor houses is what I always imagine to be in Britain.

Birth place of punk. You can always expect the funky in decorating. Love these childrens fabrics by Jennie Maizels!

The union jack is always a popular motif in decorating boys bedrooms.

LOVE British Style...

See you... Christina

Cool Vintage for Kids Rooms

Strolling in NYC the other day, a very ordinary storefront lead us to a manly man jewel box of antiques.  Mantiques Modern is filled with the most intriguing oddities.  There were some really cool pieces that you could use to decorate your kids rooms..

I believe this head came from a playground merry-go-round. I had a very similar piece in my shop that sold to a couple in San Francisco for their baby's nursery.

So many interesting things...

Cool T-Rex model  for the dinosaur inspired children's rooms...

Dinosaur for baby scientist

Race cars frozen in a lucite cube..

What a great Robot lamp!

I've always collected oddities. Yes I practice what I preach! My older son loved T-Rex. A huge head still is on his wall.

My younger guy loved this hammerhead I found at a flea market, so he has it above his display case. It sits between old prints of mushrooms. He always loved to go mushroom hunting.

Sealife for a boys bedroom

I think kids get inspired by what's around them. So put some interesting items on a shelf or on the wall, it may have a lasting impression. Some of the great vintage pieces in our shop-

Diver Helmet Container

Real leather tiny cowboy boot

Original Train Print

train railroad decoration

See you... Christina

Large Drum Shades For a Boy's Bedroom

I really like exaggerated ceiling fixtures in small rooms. What a design statement! Why must we always be so careful to make sure everything is perfectly scaled.

These two large  drum shade pendants came into the shop last week. Each shade is anchored in chocolate brown, they will be the finishing decorating touch in two very cool boys rooms.

See you...


Bedding for a Little Guy

A very lovely customer was looking for bedding for her son. She was completely taken by the Trina Turk fabrics from Schumacher. How exciting to do kids bedding in something so unexpected. There were so many fabrics to choose from Turk's fabrics are bright and punchy.  So very unique....

We chose this Ikat inspired pattern for the pillows. They will be trimmed in a narrow navy flange.

She needed a coverlet to go with them. We chose a complementary fabric that wouldn't compete with the pillow fabric. This fabric will also trimmed it in navy.

Her little guy loved his new bed. Notice how she mixes it with other traditional elements in the room. It really works..

See you...


Gray and Apple green Bedroom for a Boy

I met with a mom that wants to redo her son's nursery into his big boy bedroom. The only item she wants to use in his new room  is a vintage steel desk that she already purchased. I would like to do the little boy's room in gray with punches of apple green and a bit of navy. So I am just gathering inspiration...

Mark Lund

Cross Decor & Design

Great inspiration from Designers Guild.

Tons of inspiration from Pinterest.

Alex Hayden

Elle Decor

I saw this painting at Lilian August the other day.

I have a carpet I like and some fabric choices...

Hope the mom likes it! See you...


Decorate a little boy's bedroom two weeks?

A very nice family came to visit the shop in the latter part of June. The little boy was just a complete sparkle of a kid. Having only boys myself,  I so appreciate the idiosyncracies of boys. He loves airplanes, trains, big trucks, loud construction equipment, etc.. The family was moving to Westchester from NYC in about 2 weeks time. They needed to have a room ready for their little boy, on moving day. He was leaving his crib behind and needed a big boy bed. New neighborhood, new house, new bed. We needed to work quickly.  Ofcourse, we had a holiday weekend in between. Adds a little more stress to the equation. This is the room when I first saw it. A classic bedroom from a house built in the 1920's.

The couple really wanted wallpaper. We chose this Ralph Lauren paper..

The company did a quick ship on the artwork..

The window treatments just couldn't be done in time. Obviously, panels would overwhelm the windows.  I really didn't want to do standard shades or romans. The windows are quite low to the floor. Any kind of cord is an issue. We chose a roller roman shade. It is a new shade, that we are beginning to use. No outside cords. They will be ready by the end of July. The flush mount light fixture is also back ordered, but will be in shortly. Made of glass, it will give off ample light.

The room was ready for the little boy..

I was there to  see the excitement on the little boy's face. Some really good perks  of my  job!

See you...


Around the World in Eighty Days

Once again it is trade show time.  I completely look forward to checking out all the new stuff!  Yesterday I spent the day at the New York International Gift Fair.  It was a day of exploration.  A trip Jules Verne would be proud of.   Whether one is decorating a baby's nursery or child's bedroom or even a playroom, using world travel as inspiration is endless. Could see these hot air balloon prints in a nursery...

So love these  riveted aluminum pieces made in the same way as an airplane's body. The bookshelf and desk...

The round desk is really cool..

A trunk used as a side table..

Framed reproduction racing car steering wheels...

A very worn leather chair..

Pillows are just fun..

These pillows will be in the shop soon...

As will these animal heads that are made of paper mache in Haiti. I liked them because they seem so friendly. Not at all scary.  Slightly rounded in nature and handmade...

Like these elephant prints...

It was quite a trip to the show... See you..


Final day at the flea market

It was the end of a very busy weekend due to our jewelry show. Overall, pretty disappointing.  Lots to learn on doing trunk shows... I came home from work last night to find my son James and his friend  pleading to go to the Sunday market. Teenage boys willing to get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping ??  How could I say no.

This morning we started out in the freezing cold, on a day I didn't expect to find much. Season has ended and dealers are just getting rid of stuff. Who could believe it would be such a fantastic day. Once at home, we got to rake over our treasures. The boys purchased binoculars, a very special coin and an army mask from desert storm.  Not exactly Cici Crib merchandise, but it made them happy.

I so love the vintage table I purchased. Thanks Miles for schlepping it to the car.  I will eventually have the base painted.  James' friend asked me what color will the table be. Maybe hot pink, I said. He burst out laughing.  James added, my mom is a girly girl. Ok, maybe I am...

But how nice is this table in a little girls room with one of Cici Crib's mid century inspired modern lamps on it.

Everyone loved this sled, definitely made in the 1960's, when space exploration was all the rage. Space Rocket XS-17 Orbit Control.

Loved the graphics on the wooden base.  A great piece of wall art. So I did, what you are not supposed to do to a collectible. I took it apart.  All the extra parts will be saved. How fantastic would this look in a play room or boys bedroom wall...

A vanity tray and container for a very fancy little girl..

And this lamp, I just couldn't let go. An architectural melange of styles. Never the less, it is a great castle. It is ceramic with a wooden base and top. Took forever to clean up, but now looks perfect.  I could see Jonathan Adler getting inspired over it. It could go either in a boy or girls room..

I want to line this peach crate with burlap and use it for display purposes.

Loved these kitschy girl pictures. Their hair is made out of yarn.  They made me smile. Something so charming about them..

A weekend that started out a touch disappointing, ended on a very light note.

See you..


It's getting chilly.. Think Plaid!

Ooh it is getting a bit chilly outside. We haven't turned on the heat, but as I write, I am wrapped up in my plaid, cashmere throw. It's cozy warm.  Classic plaids are used in many ways. We see it everywhere in the decorating world. On tables..

On light fixtures...

In bedrooms for both girls and boys...

As wallpaper...

On sheep, oh my...

Plaid at Cici Crib has taken a calmer tone.  New in the shop this week is a little toast to  the   Burberry plaid baby...

Delightful little burps and bibs...

Coming soon are  hooded towels and crib bumpers trimmed in the signature fabric.

See You ...


Decorate with vintage toys

What is it about vintage toys and games and pictures that  make us smile. Is it their innocence that stands out  in this i-everything world we live in? Does it make us feel warm and cozy? This week, Velvet &Linen, one of my all time favorites, blogged about her  fantastic design project.  Her talented family business, Giannetti Home,  created this most inviting family game room.

The room had strong bones and much potential to start out with.

They gathered  collections the family had accumulated over the years...

And created a room that tells  a beautiful story...

I love these images from a French children's bedroom...


The lamp below was made in NYC in the 60's and 70's..

Vintage blocks are small touches that create nice atmosphere.

Love this room by design team Lila & Tom from Design Sponge:

Vintage games are quite inexpensive and can make a nice statement.

What a sweet shelf. I gave my sister in law a baby present, similar to the See Saw toy below. It was long before Cici Crib was born.  I thinks she puts it out for Christmas every year..

See you..


Soccer Decorating

Bummer the US lost. But that has not stopped the kids love for soccer. I came across this great boys bedroom designed by Kate Hume. How fantastic  is this...

I love those light fixtures. What about this one..

Decorating with soccer in mind can just be a matter of touches.  To create nice bedding we could make a eurosham  with soccer fabric and denim piping.

This is fabric is of nice quality..

Mix it with a denim quilt and  shams...

Use a simple white sheet set or mix it up with  a Serena and Lily sheet set to say GO USA...

There is plenty of artwork available that focuses on soccer..

Maybe a distressed hand painted picture will do...

Use a vintage poster...

We can't forget the girls...

See you...


Vintage Football helmets

Last week ended with a rainy sidewalk sale.  The rain kind of  described the week at Cici Crib. I wanted a relaxing Mother's Day. James wanted to head to the flea market. We haven't gone in a couple of weeks, so I agreed. It was a short sweet trip. It was not crowded.  There were some dealers coming from the south making a  quick stop on their way to Brimfiield. One day I will go to Brimfiield, an enormous antique fair in Massachusetts . It takes days to get through it.

One dealer was selling early 20th century football helmets. Fantastic collection. The helmets seemed so tiny. He told me most of them were college helmets, but some were for children.

Back then, protection had a different meaning. Everything today is so amped up. From the training to the equipment. I have yet to find any early photos of little kids teams. I think,back then, little kids perfected their crafts out in the field. No coaches. No photographers.  I love looking at old sports photos. Of course there are only guys in the pictures. No girls softball or basketball or soccer.  I purchased these collages of pictures. I believe these photos once hung in the halls  of Columbus School in Bridgeport, CT. The guys look so casual, like the picture was snapped after playing a hard won game.  As I was taking photos of this collage, Justin pointed out that it was put together during the Depression. Wow that adds a whole other element.  Once these collages are framed, they would be great in a play room or  or boy's bedroom.

Well I couldn't leave the market without another trophy. Makes you smile!

See you.


Opening day at the Flea Market

The Doherty household was up early this Sunday. Justin and Miles were scrambling to get  out the door for a tournament on Long Island. James and  I were readying ourselves for our first flea market  outing of  the season.  James is my new flea market buddy. He started to go with me last year. He is the perfect partner. We work well together. He knows that for me, it is serious buying for the shop. I have interests and he has interests.  He  is thirteen and is very strong willed. "No way Mom is that ever going to sell." "If you buy that I am not going to help you take it to the car."  "Oh, that is so cute." "I want to help you build your dollhouse."  That's  my James. I love everything vintage. It is the backbone of Cici Crib. It's inspiration for the new stuff in the shop. It is about finding vintage accessories to go in the shop.

It was a dusty, gusty start at the flea market. We arrived after eight. I knew from the amount of cars in the lot that we were too late for uncovering any super treasures.

I found a few pieces of art. But as I laid them out at home, I realized that they will need a ton of clean up and repair before they are allowed into the shop. Sigh...

The Currier and Ives print is so lovely. The little girl has a cane in one hand and her doll in the other. Perfect for a little girl's nursery or bedroom.  It's title, "Grandfather's Cane." The dealer asked if I was a cane collector. No just a shop owner.

The 1960's Circus litho is so stylish. Really nice in  a modern nursery. Needs a hefty cleaning.

I bought a group of children books from the 1920's-1940's. They are not in great condition. But the illustrations are crisp and vibrant. Time to talk to Judy at Framings, an absolutely top notch frame shop across the street from Cici Crib.

The dealer told me Rags was a precursor to Raggady Ann.

Mother Goose

Peter Rabbit

Wynken Blynken and Nod

I found a little metal train. Inside the train, it reads  Midge Toy, Rockford, ILL. USA.

One day I will make my own dollhouse. I had a great one growing up. For now I collect items for it. Maybe when I retire I will make one.  I found this metal  refrigerator . The dealer and I think it was an advertising piece from General Electric. It is the perfect size. It will fit into my imaginary dollhouse 1/12 scale.

James was happy with his purchases. He found some steel pennies from 1943. He is discovering political memorabilia. We came home with our little treasures. It's back to reality.  Time to prepare for the week ahead. James tells me about his 5:00 A.M. departure for  Washington DC this Tuesday. Oops, I forgot about his field trip. Time to get packing.

See you.