Vintage Football helmets

Last week ended with a rainy sidewalk sale.  The rain kind of  described the week at Cici Crib. I wanted a relaxing Mother's Day. James wanted to head to the flea market. We haven't gone in a couple of weeks, so I agreed. It was a short sweet trip. It was not crowded.  There were some dealers coming from the south making a  quick stop on their way to Brimfiield. One day I will go to Brimfiield, an enormous antique fair in Massachusetts . It takes days to get through it.

One dealer was selling early 20th century football helmets. Fantastic collection. The helmets seemed so tiny. He told me most of them were college helmets, but some were for children.

Back then, protection had a different meaning. Everything today is so amped up. From the training to the equipment. I have yet to find any early photos of little kids teams. I think,back then, little kids perfected their crafts out in the field. No coaches. No photographers.  I love looking at old sports photos. Of course there are only guys in the pictures. No girls softball or basketball or soccer.  I purchased these collages of pictures. I believe these photos once hung in the halls  of Columbus School in Bridgeport, CT. The guys look so casual, like the picture was snapped after playing a hard won game.  As I was taking photos of this collage, Justin pointed out that it was put together during the Depression. Wow that adds a whole other element.  Once these collages are framed, they would be great in a play room or  or boy's bedroom.

Well I couldn't leave the market without another trophy. Makes you smile!

See you.