Cool Vintage for Kids Rooms

Strolling in NYC the other day, a very ordinary storefront lead us to a manly man jewel box of antiques.  Mantiques Modern is filled with the most intriguing oddities.  There were some really cool pieces that you could use to decorate your kids rooms..

I believe this head came from a playground merry-go-round. I had a very similar piece in my shop that sold to a couple in San Francisco for their baby's nursery.

So many interesting things...

Cool T-Rex model  for the dinosaur inspired children's rooms...

Dinosaur for baby scientist

Race cars frozen in a lucite cube..

What a great Robot lamp!

I've always collected oddities. Yes I practice what I preach! My older son loved T-Rex. A huge head still is on his wall.

My younger guy loved this hammerhead I found at a flea market, so he has it above his display case. It sits between old prints of mushrooms. He always loved to go mushroom hunting.

Sealife for a boys bedroom

I think kids get inspired by what's around them. So put some interesting items on a shelf or on the wall, it may have a lasting impression. Some of the great vintage pieces in our shop-

Diver Helmet Container

Real leather tiny cowboy boot

Original Train Print

train railroad decoration

See you... Christina