Harlem Art Walking Tour

This weekend a walking tour of artist's studios and galleries is being organized by Casa Frela Gallery.  A very inspiring artist, Fumiko Toda is one of the eighty artists participating in this weekend's walk.

A client and I visited her tiny studio in a typical Harlem brownstone  this year. Though very small, Fumiko keeps her space very well organized and welcoming.

Her work is intricate with subtle  layers of color and delicate details. Her fascination with insects, evident throughout her work, began as a child in Japan.  Fumiko is as whimsical as her work, lovely  and waif-like, she is happiest in her studio.

Although the piece was not yet complete, we loved it. It was inspired by a road trip to Spain she took with her boyfriend. When finished it found a home in my clients sunny foyer...

If you have a chance check out the art walk!

See you...


Visit to the Mark Gallery

A client and I are looking for artwork for her living room. On a very dark and drizzly day we stepped into a moment of sunshine when we visited the Mark Gallery in Englewood NJ. Gallery owner Arielle Mark is both welcoming  and knowledgeable about the stable of artists she represents. Finding the right piece is a very personal and quiet process.   We picked some works, and Arielle delivered them to my client's home.

This large piece called Haza by America Martin won our hearts. Martin is a young artist out of LA.  But not for the living room. It will be the showstopper in the dining room. Funny how things turn out...

See yu...


New Art Arrives at Cici Crib

We have received our first order of  a new kind of art that is already getting  rave reviews from our customers. The art has a glowing effect due to it's construction. It is printed on acrylic and is invisibly mounted on the wall. The piece below is 30" long. They also come in different sizes.  Kind of Andy Warhol like, it is a great decorating addition  for a tween's bedroom..

Also great modern artwork for a baby's nursery or child's bedroom..

See you...


Highpoint Part II

This is a story of two vendors. I saw them on the same day and they couldn't have been more different. Visiting  Bevera Design House, I felt like I was at my mother's dining room table raking over all the new acquisitions she had purchased at the latest auction.  I think I could have spent all day there sipping tea and chatting about their collection.  A very personable and inspired group of artists that sell a very well curated group of products and art. Each piece in their collection has a real story behind it.

I particularly liked the work of Rebecca Szeto. She took the thorns from the lower branches of  rose bushes and created Kiss. Not only  do the thorns make a statement, but notice how the shadows cast another element to the piece.

Szeto also recycled her old paint brushes and created little personalities. Just as a side note, the brushes below are sitting on a console made out of  discarded NASCAR parts.

From there we went to see the Lily Pulitzer Home collection. What a complete difference. Like going from an intimate theater production to Broadway. A sharply produced commercial production that was just  fantastic.

The entrance was inviting.

The collection was so Palm Beach sunny. It was too bad we couldn't get much more from the showroom staff as they were pretty indifferent to say the least.

Below is a jewelry and lingerie station . Can you believe how useful this is..

Talk about storage. Looks like an "ordinary" Lilly Pulitzer ottoman.

But no, shoe storage as well..

The spirit was bold throughout the showroom...

Lily is a major fan of pink and green. A favorite decorating palette for a girl's bedroom..

It was a fun day at market! See you...