Shopping for Baby's Nursery in London

Going to Europe with two teenage boys, leaves little time to check out baby decor shops.  I focused on one area in Chelsea and found 3 shops that really had similar sensibilities. They reminded me a little of the Cici Crib that I first opened.  Focused on baby, sweet, soft and very child like in a good way. Much of my shop changes with people's tastes and needs. Longevity, budget and contemporary tastes have changed our vision of a nursery. I like the change, but when I visit these shops there is a very comfortable feeling that reminds me of my childhood. The first shop I visited was Blue Almonds.

I loved the entrance floor mat. Maybe I should do something like this at Cici Crib.

Notice how the bumpers go half way around the crib.

They had many products from a Spanish Co. called Pasito a Pasito. Unfortunately, they don't import to the US.

A shop almost next door was called Nursery Window. It has been opened for 15 years. They carry signature prints for both clothing and decorating. In recent years, the baby clothing segment has shown the most growth.

Notice the slip covered counter.

The last shop I visited was right down the street, called Dragons of Walton Street. Their specialty is hand painted furniture and accessories for both baby's nursery as well as children's rooms.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of a fantastic dollhouse in the shop...

See you...