London's East End

On  Saturday we decided to check out London's East End. A stark contrast to our hotel's location in South Kensington, the area surrounding Brick Lane felt alive with  funky, cool shops, art galleries, delicious smells of spices, and a morning flea market. How can you beat that??

We enjoyed the show of Consuelo Radclyffe going at the Espacio Gallery. The work below is entitled "What Have We Done?"

I purchased my memento from London at Station Comfort, a flagship boutique featuring the designs of Amy Anderson. Her jewelry is displayed so beautifully.

We ended the afternoon at a flea  market.

James finally found his London memento at the market. Since we arrived he was debating what he wanted to bring home with him. He is not a T-shirt kind of kid. We found it at a stall selling old police whistles. We purchased a whistle stamped London that dated from the 1930's. He wants to make it into a key chain.

What a fun day!

See you...