Sweaters, Baby Blankets and Throws in Dublin

After spending days in London, our trip concluded with some quiet time  spent in Dublin. Yes it was very cold and rainy.  One morning in the hotel,  we were unsure of our plan to take a drive through the countryside because of the dreary weather. An Irish woman overheard our dilemma. She told me  that we must go. "The countryside is more beautiful  in the rain.  You can smell the grass!" Oh so true were her words. Just spectacular!

It was so cold we purchased and wore  Irish sweaters. One company that made the most happy woolens was Avoca.  Their baby blankets and throws were just so lovely. I wish I could carry some at Cici Crib.  We visited the mill in County Wicklow, as well as their main shop in Dublin.

So much love.

See you..