Rocket ships at the flea market

Soon the flea market days will be coming to an end  in the northeast. I used to be able to stick it out until November. Guess I am getting old, but by November, it is just too cold for early mornings at the market. So I took advantage of the warm morning and headed to the field with my younger son, James. He found the coin dealer he was looking for and I found some really cool amusement park cast offs? Yep. It was a strange market.  Not that I purchased any of them, but they were just too cool to not notice.

An aluminum horse  that escaped from some cruel carousel....

Silly animals...

And the piece de resistance was a rocket ship that really lights up!  How cool would this be  hanging from the ceiling in a loft playroom or kids bedroom. Perfect for the Novogratz family!  I was really tempted to purchase it. But I could hear my husband, loud and clear, complaining about storage issues. So I took the dealer's card.  Maybe one day I can find a home for it.

Another fun morning at the market with my flea market buddy, James.

See you..