Welcome back

Everyone is returning from their various summer journeys. It's time the kids get back to school.  I am back from Pittsburgh for a bit.  So far, everything is going very well with my mom and sister. They are getting stronger every day. My mom has a new future. It is just amazing what the doctors can do.  I am so thankful! The huge weight that lies on my shoulders is beginning to lift.  Life is ok right now... Tina and Beth  have been  great  caretakers of  the little shop.  I am thankful for them too!

We put together a new window display celebrating the return of school. I picked up these cheap vinyl floor tiles from Home Depot to cover the base of the display.

I recently purchased this giant abacus from an auction that was selling items from a schoolhouse from the turn of the century. It is enormous. It would be fabulous in a great playroom or bedroom that needs to fill space because of high ceilings. It would look great on top of a bookshelf. A piece of sculpture.

Bookends came into the shop in late August. The vintage globe also makes a nice addition to the window.

Another set of new bookends...

So we put it all together  along with some other items and made a welcoming display.

See you...