Summer Vacation?

Cici Crib will be closed for vacation from August 23rd until August 31st.  Vacation plans changed quite abruptly  in the last weeks of the summer. We were supposed to go to Paris and meet with friends and then continue on to Provence for a self guided, gastronomic, bicycling tour. As many of you know, my mom has been struggling with an auto immunne disease that attacks her liver. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis(PBC) is a slow progressing disease . Towards the end,  it comes on like a freight train.  Next week my mom will receive part of my sister's liver, in what is called  a live donor transplant.  It is complicated, but at least she will have a chance of  having a normal life again. My sister is really just remarkable!   I don't know how else to describe what she is willing to do.

Family, friends and customers have been so incredibly comforting. I would like everyone to know how appreciative I am. For the next few weeks I will be in and out of Cici Crib.  Posting will be sporatic.

For now I will post a photo of a place that my sister and my mom think of as a  little place of peace.  It is very near to where I grew up.  It is Winterthur Museum. We used to just go up to the museum after school and walk the grounds. My mom loves this spot. We used to sit on the bench and just look out  and chat.

See you...