Trip to Blauen

A few weeks ago, Blauen invited me to visit their atelier.  So fun to peak behind the scenes of my vendors. Blauen is an old world baby bedding company. With European roots, it is perhaps the most luxurious and fine baby bedding company that this world offers.  It is known for a very, very  traditional look  that is often times embellished in fancy lace and trims. Located in Long Island City, amidst the many warehouses and art studios, Blauen's home is sun filled and clean. Every item is lovingly made by seamstresses that have worked there for many years. It is so wonderful and unusual to see how proud the employees are of their products.

Boxes of trims and laces are nicely organized and are ready to use...

I saw many finished products...

I wanted to design a crib set for the shop in a way that was alittle more modern. I wanted to use Blauen's sensibility and update it a bit. So I picked some fabrics for inspiration and thanked the lovely people.

The bedding arrived and it is just beautiful!

So lovely!

See you...


Sonia Delaunay Exhibition

I got a chance to take some time off and check out the Sonia Delaunay show at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.  Called Color Moves, it is just a geometric wonderland.  Delaunay was an artist and  textile designer, originally from the Ukraine, who worked in Paris from the 1920's onward. She was full of life and ideas.

I wish someone would reproduce her textile designs as they would work in so many interiors..

The main painting was so amazing.  I would love to use it in a foyer I am working on...

What great inspiration!

See you...


1st Dibs floor at the NYDC

I am so ready for the flea market season. Begins in April. In the meantime, I visited the 1st Dibs floor at the NYDC recently, and saw some great inspiration. Prices are high, but pieces are so well edited and condition is perfect.  It was a pleasure..

Oh for the love of vintage!

See you,


So Audrey Hepburn!

A favorite among bloggers is Audrey's incomparable style. So defined and refined.  Sometimes I see a piece of furniture and think how Audrey Hepburn it is. Pieces by Christopher Guy...

Her face was everywhere at the New York International Gift Fair last week. All great decorating ideas for a tween and teen.

I ended my day in the book section of the show. A new childrens book about Audrey's life as a little girl will end up on the shelf at Cici Crib this Spring...

See you...


Year of the Rabbit

Every year our friends throw a party on the parade route of the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown. Unfortunately, we will all miss the party. Miles and the boys will be in DC for a fencing tournament and I decided to fly to Pittsburgh for the weekend to see my family. This is such a festive time! Sorry not to be there. Last year was fun and so incredibly lively!

After the parade ends, the street is covered in colorful confetti.

Hopefully there will be a different color of confetti in Pittsburgh this weekend. Yellow and black for sure! I will quietly say Go Steelers, as the rest of the Dohertys are still lamenting over the loss of the Jets.

See you...


Around the World in Eighty Days

Once again it is trade show time.  I completely look forward to checking out all the new stuff!  Yesterday I spent the day at the New York International Gift Fair.  It was a day of exploration.  A trip Jules Verne would be proud of.   Whether one is decorating a baby's nursery or child's bedroom or even a playroom, using world travel as inspiration is endless. Could see these hot air balloon prints in a nursery...

So love these  riveted aluminum pieces made in the same way as an airplane's body. The bookshelf and desk...

The round desk is really cool..

A trunk used as a side table..

Framed reproduction racing car steering wheels...

A very worn leather chair..

Pillows are just fun..

These pillows will be in the shop soon...

As will these animal heads that are made of paper mache in Haiti. I liked them because they seem so friendly. Not at all scary.  Slightly rounded in nature and handmade...

Like these elephant prints...

It was quite a trip to the show... See you..


Ezra Stoller Exhibit

A couple weekends ago, I went house hunting with my brother and sister  in law  in Vermont. They are looking for a weekend house that is a  traditional post and beam. The realtor mentioned, in passing,  that there is a modern house for sale. It was built in the 60's  by the Stride Rite family.  I asked if we could see it. We couldn't go in, but we parked in front of the house.  My in laws were not impressed. I am still daydreaming about that house.  I can barely keep up with my own home.  Maybe one day.... Boy was it interesting. So reminds me of these photos of Ezra Stoller.  Stoller's photographs are currently on display at the Yossi Milo Gallery in Chelsea.    His photos are nothing but sublime...


See you...


It's time for the Nature House

Every holiday season we reserve  a weekend afternoon to go to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the Holiday Train Show. My teenage boys still enjoy the visit, but more for it's nostalgic content. It was a real moment of excitement when the boys were little.

This year's new addition is Sarrinen's TWA building..

The creations are made by a low key guy, Paul Busse.  I struck up a conversation with him one year at the show. His group of guys come up from Kentucky and stay at the Ardsley Motel.  Yes, that was their lodging budget.  I told him how inspired I was by his creations. When the kids were little, we made our own nature house. Not at all as impressive as Mr. Busse's creations, but just as fun for us.

Our nature house is part of our Christmas decoration that makes an appearance each season. It is one of many boxes that come down from the attic.

The structure of the house came from a cheap kit dollhouse. The aluminum basin was made by my HVAC guy.  We found all the natural materials in our neighbor's and our yard. The siding is from birch tree. The roof is from branch of an oak tree. We found shelf mushrooms and acorns and bittersweets. The fake  green moss came from Martha Stewart catalog. The window glass is "antique glass" from a mirror and glass shop.  And the fence was purchased at a flea market one hot summer day .  Three hours at a flea market  in 100 degrees and all I had to show for it,  was the fence. The perfect fence for the nature house. I was thrilled!

See you...


An Elegant Thanksgiving

As soon as Thanksgiving ends, it's time to prepare for the holidays. But I just want to take a moment and remember the wonderful Thanksgiving we had at my sister's house.  We spent the entire Thanksgiving day cooking and getting the table in order.  My sister is a collector. She is a serious silver collector. When she moved to Pittsburgh and renovated her home, she made sure she created a pantry just for her china and silver. Shelves for the various wares and a stainless steel tool caddy for her silver collection.

Each drawer of the caddy is labeled with the items so for easy access.

The antique linen table cloth was chosen for it's beautiful monogram.

My sister picked the season's last  roses from her garden and filled a 19th century petite planter.

The table was ready for a late afternoon meal.

My mom and dad came over. My mom brought us gifts. When my mom gives a gift,  you know it will be special.  No mail order fruit or socks. It is always completely thoughtful. She wrapped it in an antique linen towel and tied it with bakery string.

Mine was the smaller one. It was just beautiful. A bracelet from  the 1870's, made of rose gold.

So very special. See you... Christina

Final day at the flea market

It was the end of a very busy weekend due to our jewelry show. Overall, pretty disappointing.  Lots to learn on doing trunk shows... I came home from work last night to find my son James and his friend  pleading to go to the Sunday market. Teenage boys willing to get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping ??  How could I say no.

This morning we started out in the freezing cold, on a day I didn't expect to find much. Season has ended and dealers are just getting rid of stuff. Who could believe it would be such a fantastic day. Once at home, we got to rake over our treasures. The boys purchased binoculars, a very special coin and an army mask from desert storm.  Not exactly Cici Crib merchandise, but it made them happy.

I so love the vintage table I purchased. Thanks Miles for schlepping it to the car.  I will eventually have the base painted.  James' friend asked me what color will the table be. Maybe hot pink, I said. He burst out laughing.  James added, my mom is a girly girl. Ok, maybe I am...

But how nice is this table in a little girls room with one of Cici Crib's mid century inspired modern lamps on it.

Everyone loved this sled, definitely made in the 1960's, when space exploration was all the rage. Space Rocket XS-17 Orbit Control.

Loved the graphics on the wooden base.  A great piece of wall art. So I did, what you are not supposed to do to a collectible. I took it apart.  All the extra parts will be saved. How fantastic would this look in a play room or boys bedroom wall...

A vanity tray and container for a very fancy little girl..

And this lamp, I just couldn't let go. An architectural melange of styles. Never the less, it is a great castle. It is ceramic with a wooden base and top. Took forever to clean up, but now looks perfect.  I could see Jonathan Adler getting inspired over it. It could go either in a boy or girls room..

I want to line this peach crate with burlap and use it for display purposes.

Loved these kitschy girl pictures. Their hair is made out of yarn.  They made me smile. Something so charming about them..

A weekend that started out a touch disappointing, ended on a very light note.

See you..


Children's jewelry at the ENK show

I had to make a quick visit to the ENK show at the Javitz Center yesterday to see some new products from 2 of my steady vendors. ENK is primarily a clothing show, but there are also children's accessories.  I was not planning on buying anything.  I certainly didn't need any children's  jewelry.  My main line at the shop is from Mija. A delicate line made of sterling and vermeil by a designer out of Washington D.C. A very sweet line of jewelry.

In betwixt and between the very colorful children's  clothes at the ENK,  was a very small booth of  fine children's jewelry, Briati. Silvia Heiden, the jewelry designer and Belgian transplant creates her jewelry in NYC.  She uses only sterling, 14k gold, pearls  and diamonds.

She has the classic sterling pacifier clip...

She creates diamond letter necklaces as well as small engraved initial ones..

You can layer the engraved initial necklaces with the most teeny tiny of charms I have ever seen.

Little butterflies, ladybugs and hearts and stars become teeny earrings...

These little jewels will find their home at Cici Crib. Maybe a holiday trunk show is in order.

See you..


Rocket ships at the flea market

Soon the flea market days will be coming to an end  in the northeast. I used to be able to stick it out until November. Guess I am getting old, but by November, it is just too cold for early mornings at the market. So I took advantage of the warm morning and headed to the field with my younger son, James. He found the coin dealer he was looking for and I found some really cool amusement park cast offs? Yep. It was a strange market.  Not that I purchased any of them, but they were just too cool to not notice.

An aluminum horse  that escaped from some cruel carousel....

Silly animals...

And the piece de resistance was a rocket ship that really lights up!  How cool would this be  hanging from the ceiling in a loft playroom or kids bedroom. Perfect for the Novogratz family!  I was really tempted to purchase it. But I could hear my husband, loud and clear, complaining about storage issues. So I took the dealer's card.  Maybe one day I can find a home for it.

Another fun morning at the market with my flea market buddy, James.

See you..


Ode to Madeline Weinrib

How beautiful are Madeline Weinrib's goods.  I see why she is a favorite of design blogs. I was picking up some her fabric samples of  the other day at ABC Carpet. Weinrib's atelier is a bit gallery and a bit workshop.

The ikats are hand dyed and woven in Uzbekistan. The fabric was intended for a chair in a little girl's bedroom. Because of it's nature,  it must be lined before upholstering. Unfortunately, I think  it will be the deal breaker in an already tight budget.

But look how fantastic they could be...

Not sure what else to say about her rugs....

They fit into all different interiors. From traditional to modern to eclectic. This rug below  is such  a pleasant surprise..

The chair,  upholstered in a Werinrib fabric in Gweneth Paltrow's home.

The photo of this big girl's bedroom  is taken from one of my favorite blogs,  Cote de Texas.  Just fantastic..

See you...


Summer Vacation?

Cici Crib will be closed for vacation from August 23rd until August 31st.  Vacation plans changed quite abruptly  in the last weeks of the summer. We were supposed to go to Paris and meet with friends and then continue on to Provence for a self guided, gastronomic, bicycling tour. As many of you know, my mom has been struggling with an auto immunne disease that attacks her liver. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis(PBC) is a slow progressing disease . Towards the end,  it comes on like a freight train.  Next week my mom will receive part of my sister's liver, in what is called  a live donor transplant.  It is complicated, but at least she will have a chance of  having a normal life again. My sister is really just remarkable!   I don't know how else to describe what she is willing to do.

Family, friends and customers have been so incredibly comforting. I would like everyone to know how appreciative I am. For the next few weeks I will be in and out of Cici Crib.  Posting will be sporatic.

For now I will post a photo of a place that my sister and my mom think of as a  little place of peace.  It is very near to where I grew up.  It is Winterthur Museum. We used to just go up to the museum after school and walk the grounds. My mom loves this spot. We used to sit on the bench and just look out  and chat.

See you...


New York International Gift Fair

How lucky to live right around the corner from the NYIGF. Store owners, designers and bloggers descend  from all over the world, to check out all the new looks. Most of the vendors I had already seen at the Atlanta show. But New York always brings out a different feeling. I go with a shopping list so not to forget customer requests. I got the new blablas for one customer. Leo Leoni books for another.  Organic doll is still outstanding.  Another asked for a moroccan pouf on steriods. Check, I  found  one. Wow, 36"x16h"!

Even though they had a whole new baby and children  gift and decor section, the vendors seemed to be the same ones I had seen before. Nothing really striking  sticks  in my mind.

But the home decor vendors showed some flair.

I just loved Pacific Connections lacquer ware.

Mondrian inspired tables...

The color of the inner section of this table can be changed out to any color requested....

And of course they are known for their boxes. So I asked if they could make a  chic little diaper caddy. Maybe, he said...

I noticed some really nice chairs for curling up and reading a book. Could work in a chic little girl's bedroom..

A bit campy...

A Bit Bohemian...

Oh soo cool...

And then there was Jonathan Adler kids .....

Just as I was about to leave for the day,  I came across Tedde.  Tedde is made in NYC. Cici Crib is a little too populated right now with other stuffed animals. Maybe they will find a home at the shop next year. But I really felt like they did. It was a long day at market.

See you...


Weekend on the south fork of Long Island

This past weekend Miles and I  decided to do a last minute getaway. It was the last weekend before the kids came home from camp.   In order to maximize the down time and minimize the hassle, we decided we wanted to stay close by, but we wanted to be on the Atlantic Ocean. Not many choices fitting  that criteria. We decided on the Panoramic View in Montauk. Although the place was "renovated" , it seemed so tired.  It didn't take long to really appreciate this hotel. Clearly it had been around since the 1960's. For the time being there are no spas or fancy restaurants. The main attraction is the ocean. It is the last sound you hear when you close your eyes at night and it is the first sound you hear when you wake up. A Canadian high settled over us for the weekend, creating the coolest of mornings, the driest of days and the most spectacular sunsets. The beach was quiet, private and beautiful.

Other  favorite moments were the bike rides around Amaghansett's Napeague Harbor.

The fish tacos and the fruity Rosé at the Fishbar in Montauk. Who knew the lovely chef was just on Food Network's Chopped.

The wine was so nice  that we picked up a case at the Wolffer Estate vineyard on the way home.

We stopped for lunch in Southampton. Checked out some of the shops. Loved Hatchlings for children's clothes.  I liked the embroidery at The Elegant Setting.

The Ralph Lauren Home shop with it's side entrance,  felt like it was in a tiny carriage house. A memorable little shop...

We're home now  and I still can't forget those sunsets...

See you...


Colorful Atlanta

Bright clear colors were everywhere in Atlanta. It was all about fun.  I love these ball chairs. Great for a playroom. Comfortable for even an adult to sit in. I saw the same chair on the 5th floor in  Barneys in the city the other day. Oh, except it was in black, of coarse...

Love this chartreuse wall with the white animal heads...

How nice for  a girl's Bohemian bedroom...

Polka dot happy...

I couldn't resist  purchasing these large metal flowers made by a surfer guy from California. They are cut from recycled metal and spray painted.

Pink and orange is a combo I am working on with a few clients..

Midcentury reproductions for the midcentury spirited child.

These cool boy and girl lamps have shades made of mylar..

This lamp is over 5 feet tall and is perfect for a glamor girl...

It was my first time in Atlanta. I brought home some great products for the design end of the shop.

See you...


Atlanta Highlights

Back from the Americasmart and happy to be home. I feel inspired and design rejuvenated. I can't say there were many baby products that were new, but some of the showrooms were filled with solid  design ideas.I arrived in Atlanta just in time to sit in  on a talk given by Suzanne Kasler. I love her interiors. It was nice to hear about what inspires her. Like most " visual people", she is not just inspired by an interesting spaces, but by unexpected color arrangements, fashion,and the fine arts.  Anything that may catch her eye, she " files" for future references. Her own foyer is just beautiful.

After the lecture, I started to make my way around the showrooms. The interesting looks of industrial influences were apparent from the get go. It seemed like a celebration of the industrial revolution. Just great for  a boys bedroom or even nursery. Check out this funky dresser.

This little cube seat duals as a storage unit could  also be used as an ottoman.

I love these large wooden  letter plaques. The entire alphabet is available.

They can be made into side tables as well.

More interesting looks....

A kid who loves adventure could use some of these decorating ideas...

Love this ottoman..

What a nice lamp for a baby's nursery...

This lamp will make it's way into Cici Crib this Fall.

Next up it was all about color...

See you...


Get Ready for Atlanta

It has been so busy this week at Cici Crib. Kids are away at camp. Mothers are coming  into  the shop redecorating the kids rooms before they come back. Cici Crib babies have been born this week. Their  gift registries need to be updated. Current projects are coming into fruition.   And I need to plan  for the Atlanta gift/home shows at Americasmart . I leave tomorrow feeling a bit unprepared.  It is the biggest show of the year for retailers. Four buildings full of stuff.  It is my first time in Atlanta so I am not sure what to expect. Every summer I go to one show outside of the New York area. Last year was Dallas. The year before was Los Angeles. So this year I decided to go where most retailers find their products, Atlanta.  This is one of the best parts of the job. We see trends in colors and styles. Check out all the new products. It will be a busy 4 days, but I look forward to it.

See you after the show.


Toadflax of Pittsburgh

I just got back from Pittsburgh again. It seems I go often now as my Mom is not well. I like to spend time with her. She loves to hear the  stories about the shop. This time I was there long enough to check out some of my favorite shops.  I always love Toadflax on Walnut Street. It is a garden based shop with soaps and linens and antiques to enhance the beautiful flowers.  The smell and sounds are so sweet. Jeff Pierce, a co-owner, is inspiring and oh so talented. His dog, so comfortable in the shop, greets her favorite customers. Jeff has yet to set up his website which is such a pity. His work  spans from  museum galas to New York parties. He is understated and genuine. His touch is everywhere in the shop.

A nice little excursion.

See you,