Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake boxes have different meanings for different ages.  Traditionally, for adults we like a nice box to keep our most treasured possessions. I like this box, handmade in Brooklyn. One can put a birth announcement inside the glass lid. It is lined in a chic gray velvet.

For children, a keepsake box can have a slightly different meaning. I remember having a tiny doll's suitcase where I stored all my very important items. I don't know what happened to my orange suitcase, but any day now I bet I will find it at an antique fair. My older son, Justin began collecting rocks from the garden when he was around 2. As he learned about dinosaurs the rocks became fossils and a collection was born. He needed a large keepsake box.  Really a mini display case was more in order. I found one at a flea market and was thrilled because it fit so perfectly on his dressser. He is a teenager now, but his box is still there. So I removed the cool sunglasses and the  ipod and his Beats  that lay on top so I could peer  inside.  Fossils,bones, rocks,shells and even the glass insect we purchased in Venice years ago. All the things that were special to him as a little boy.

My younger son, James still adds to his small keepsake boxes. I see some amber he purchased last year.  He is far more tidy than his brother. He even labeled his "My Display Case."

In the shop there is a large jewelry box for a little girl. The ballerina twirls to the sound of "The Nutcracker".  The top can be personalized.

Of coarse, there are some nice suitcases to store special cars and trains and dolls and all their accoutrements.

A vintage ballet case would work well.

Or  some new suitcases  that are even  large enough to hold sleepover essentials.

Everything to keep your child's special items..

See you