Decorate with lavender and silver

I am currently gatthering ideas for  decorating a little girl's bedroom. It is in the idea building stage. We definitely would like a lavender and silver coloring in the room. I liked the idea of using circles as a bit of inspiration.  Of course these ideas aren't logically ordered.  I know I need to find proper storage, a bed, etc.. It's just the beginning. The little girl aready has a chandelier which  is perfectly acceptable. But if I could change it , I would l love  to use this flush mount fixture.  It also works because of the 8' ceiling height.

I saw this really soft rug in Dallas last summer that has a  hint of lavender and silver.

I picked some samples of fabric from Silk Trading Company. They recently moved out of ABC Carpet and have moved into their own space a few blocks away. The solid fabric is a silk velvet. I love the sheen. I want sphere fabric for throw pillows. The fabric is lying on top of a wallpaper memo from Zoffany. An abstract floral. Window treatments are simple blackout rollers with a gauzy lavender shimmery sheer. The room will be dreamy.

This lamp is really lovely.

The little girl loves Barbie prints. We will do them in frames of silver.

We decided she needed some seating so we chose this perfect fainting couch.

We are just getting started.

See you.