The Forest Floor

Nature decor will definitely be a reoccurring theme in my blog. I am forever inspired by the outside natural world. Our family's annual ski vacation was in Stowe, Vermont this year. I was able to steal away one morning from skiing to check out some of the local shops.  I found a beautiful antique shop, Alpine Home.  Alpine Home is owned by an  energetic woman named Cheryl Shields. Cheryl shares her time between Stowe and NYC. She is a nomad shopkeeper. From Maine to the Hamptons, she finds little places to hang her sign.  Not only does she search the world for weathered antiques, but she also forages  forests to make her  creations.

I am apologizing in advance, as my photos were taken with my cell phone. My camera was left in the ski jacket.

She creates this enormous canopy from grape vines and feathers. The fabric is velvet. It almost looks like an enormous birds nest. Her chandelier is made out of branches that have been painted white. It is an enchanted forest. It reminds me of a children's book, The Story of the Root Children(carried at Cici Crib).This book was published for the first time in the 1920s by Sybylle von Olfers. The root children live underground and come up  when awakened by Mother Earth in the early spring.
The Root Children
The root children would definitely use these night lights that just came into the shop last week. They were created by two sisters in England.

Happy dreams.