Soft Cuddly Nursery

I  went to the Stark Warehouse Sale down at the Metropolitan Pavillion looking for a few things. I didn't have much time, but I found some really cuddly, soft, yummy rugs that would be great in a nursery. Like all the blankets, stuffed animals and layettes collections in my shop,  the very first purchasing  criteria in  is the softness factor.  This shag rug was like a cloud.

This rug looked like a pebble path, but is made completely of wool.

This rug looked like a bunch of packing peanuts.

Ok so the rugs aren't the most practical. But given their texture and feel, they are definitely a nesting contender.

So now I am thinking soft. What are the softest things in my shop.

The softest light fixture is the one coming in the shop in April. It is a small version than what is pictured. Chihuly inspired..

Number one mobile is bla bla's The colors are gentle and the lambs are just so sweet.

It's really hard to pick the softest bedding, but today I think it is Lulu Dk baby bedding. 500 Thread count. That lovely cotton sheen. Really stylish and sooo soft.

I would be completely remiss if I didn't mention Lotus Springs layette collection made from milk fiber. I don't think there is any softer.

And finally the softest stuffed animal is by Jelly Cats Bashful Bunny:

See you.