Greetings from London

London was just fantastic. Sparkling from the Queen's Jubilee and ready for the Olympics, London is showing off it's incredible beauty.  The weather was mixed, but preferable to New York's crazy heat wave. Before it is too late,  I want to start with Wimbledon. You may not know that I am a crazy tennis fan and an always improving rec player. I watch tennis on my beloved tennis channel year round. I was chatting with a customer this Spring about my upcoming trip. He was kind enough to arrange for me to see the women's quarter finals and get an invitation to the Member's Club at Wimbledon. What an experience. It is so different from the US Open. The Open is a super charged sporting event!  Wimbledon is   an exclusive country club that that puts on a very special tournament every year. Everthing is just so thoughtfully laid out. The Wimbledon train station platform has been transformed into a tennis court.

The ticket and daily info is just perfectly designed..

One of the entrances to Center Court...

The entrance to the Member's Club which eventually leads to center court. We always see the players come down these steps after they won. There are portraits of every winner since 1877.

A photo of last year's winners hangs in the lobby.

The Member's Club.

Purple and green are the colors of Wimbledon, from the small floral arrangements in the club to the beautiful hanging baskets that sprinkle the grounds..

Did you know the net posts are wooden?

Chic leather Wilson bags introduced at the tournament.

And we can't forget the strawberries and cream. Notice the nice napkin..

It was all so pleasant and lovely. But I can't wait for the US Open. High up on Arthur Ashe, where the sun beats down and the sky is open, slathered in SPF 100 sunscreen and slurping a frozen lemonade!

See you...