A Change in Plans

I was supposed to go to Austin, TX last weekend with my son for a fencing tournament. I did research on antique areas, food trucks, shopping, etc.. Would have been great, but our flights were cancelled and we couldn't get there in time for the tournament. Bummer... All our plans down the drain.  At the last minute I decided to take a quick trip to Pittsburgh to visit with family. My brother in law and I like to check out real estate in Pittsburgh.  One morning we crossed the river to check out the Northside- a spirited community that is up and coming.  The birthplace of Mary Cassatt and the Andy Warhol Museum . What a combo. It is like walking back into Victorian times. Every house and every  building is completely intact.  Coming from New York, the real estate prices in this area are so unbelievably reasonable.. Must be  what the meatpacking district was years ago.. What a great loft this would be..

An old coffee company and battery and flashlight factory is also nearby...

Just down the street it turns residential. Sidewalks made from brick. Houses painted in vibrant colors.   Woodwork  that is nothing short of spectacular. It is like this street after street in this area.

The other side of Northside borders the oldest park in Pittsburgh.

I can't wait to go back to discover more of this area...

See you..