Marimekko Store at Flatiron District

A couple days ago I got a chance to check out the new Marimekko store in NYC. I remember my mother's great Marimekko dress in the 1970's.  I saw it the other day in my sister's closet. As you approach the store, huge Marimekko umbrellas are clustered around Madison Square Park.

The entire store is filled with their signature prints.

Fabrics can be purchased by the yard.

Great inspiration for decorating kids' rooms...

How can you not be in a good mood after visiting the store. The evening seemed to get even better. As we stopped for a coffee at Stumptown, who walks by?  Yes, Anthony Bourdain from No Reservations.  My favorite tv show! I just about jumped out of the window to say a few words to him. You would think I would tell him that his sharp wit and writing is just so special. Something alittle more meaningful than" I love your show." I did mention that I thought Stumptown had the best coffee in the city. He said- " I know." I guess that was sort of profound.

See you...