A Hot Opening

Last Monday I was driving down 30th street from the west side highway to get the kids to fencing. Rising out of  a grimy, dirty  silent spot on the far west side  was this island of colorful madness. What was that! I had to go back. So yesterday I returned to the crazy island.  It just opened in celebration of  the new extension of the  High Line. Well it was  almost 100 degrees in NYC when I finally got to check out.  It was simply too hot to take a nice walk along High Line.

But what was great fun was this island. It  is called Rainbow City  created by Miami art duo FriendsWithYou.  The sculptures move with the breeze and some are even  interactive. It is made especially for children in mind. Kids can crawl into some of the large inflatables...

My favorite guy..

So great. It made for a perfect afternoon when I saw one of my favorite food trucks. Ok not really a food truck. But they have the best ginger mint slurpees! I was looking for Kelvin earlier in the day around their usual Union Square spot. Well they moved here for the next month, along with other food trucks. There is  a huge picnic area set up.

The installation runs until the end of June.  Go if you get a chance.

See you...