Playtime in Soho

Yesterday was a busy day in NYC.  I had to meet a client at a showroom. Then  went off to  2 trade shows and ended the day talking with my embroidery guy  about a project. The highlight was a small international kids trade show in Soho.

Really, really small companies showing their products. It felt a little like an etsy exhibition. The exhibitors' products were mostly made by themselves. So gentle and soft.  Made from the heart.

Soft sculptures from h-luv.

Completely hand embroidered, Coral and  Tusk's pillows make for some interesting bed time stories...

Jess Brown dolls show some real attitude..

I don't recall who this next vendor was, but love the whimsy and what a great take on the tutu..

The last vendor was a Japanese transplant to Brooklyn, her company Atsuyo et Akiko is less than a year old and is thriving. Decoupage is her main medium. We had a nice little chat.

Have you seen a softer step stool?

A welcome relief to see these handmade products. The show was like a breath of fresh air..

See you..