Mod Girls Bedroom It's Hip Hermes

Last week a customer picked up her Fall/Winter  bedding for her ten year old daughter's bedroom. This bedding was supposed to be ready at  the end of Sept. 2010. Delayed is not the word. Ridiculously late, is a better description. The factory that made the fabric moved and the production times kept getting pushed out. Back order notices were constant.  I think I get as stressed about back orders as my customers do. I call. I hassle . It is, what it is...  Luckily for me, this customer is so kind. No angry words.  She said she will leave her daughter's Spring /Summer bedding on at this point and will save this set for next September. As she picked up the bedding, I joked that this is a hip Hermes set. Yes, she completely got it!

Last year Hermes created a new site that celebrate it's scarves, Jaime mon carre. It's fun, it's hip, but still so Hermes..

So back to the customer's bedding... The custom bedding set comprised of a duvet cover, 2 euro shams and a boudoir pillow.

I wish I had a picture of the finished bed. Oh well.. Let's dream about the room... Maybe the bed will  have  a white patent leather, tall modern headboard like this..

I saw a dresser in Atlanta last July that can be made in different leathers or faux leathers. I think that would fit in the room..

Also a cool pod chair I saw in NYC..

We need something soft.. A flokati rug for sure.

I wonder how the room turned out..

See you..