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Cici Crib Interiors assists clients in creating spaces that come from their own soul while introducing unusual, crisp and artistic elements. Christina enjoys working with clients that are enthusiastic and willing to take chances to create spaces that are as special as the client themselves.  While keeping to a clean palate,antiques and fine art play a major role in Cici Crib interiors.

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Over the years of assisting parents in designing their baby's nursery, I realized what a gift it is to be part of the process. We work together from the moment of realization of a little one's eminent arrival, to the joy of parenthood. Our design philosophy is to create a space that will last. A calm beautiful nursery is our goal. Cici Crib nurseries are found region wide from  Greenwich to New York City.



Cici Crib continues to be a destination for shoppers looking for that special baby gift as well as purchasing decor for children's spaces. Very special gift registries are thoughtfully created by expectant mothers. Our store offers a design center where customers feel at home designing their first nursery to their teenager's sanctuary.